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SCOTT® Compact Towels
Code :  K5855D
Size :  295mm x 190mm / sheet
Colour :  White
Packing :  110sheets / pack,  16packs / case
Made in Australia


SCOTT® Compact Hand Towel is the preferred alternative for quality and value. The compact, easy-to-load dispensers are ideal for tight spaces and can be topped up for lower maintenance and reduced risk of run outs. Single sheet dispensing helps reduce waste and overuse and only the towel used is touched for maximum hygiene.


      Download follow Comparsion Among Chart - 210KB




Easy Maintenance
•  Viewing windows allow easy checking of towel level for more efficient servicing.
•  Easy to load dispenser can be topped-up for lower maintenance and reduced risk of run outs.
•  Durable ABS dispenser cannot corrode and is easy to clean.
•  High capacity dispensers for less frequent servicing, even in high traffic areas.
Hygiene / Image
•  Only the towel used is touched for maximum hygiene.
•  Dispenser keeps towel clean and hygienic prior to use.
•  A choice of stylish ABS plastic or metal dispensers to enhance your facility.
Cost Control
•  Towels dispense one sheet at a time, reducing waste and overuse.
•  Unique optimum size for efficient hand drying and economy.
•  Dispenser can be key lockable to deter pilferage and misuse, or snaplock for ease of servicing.
User Satisfaction
•  The choice of SCOTT* towels to provide superior hand drying performance and user satisfaction. 
•  Superior dispenser design provides smooth efficient towel dispensing.
KIMBERLY-CLARK® Towel Dispenser
Code :  K585D
Size :  W 225mm x H 264mm x D 70mm
Colour :  White & Gray 
Packing :  1pc / case
Made in Germany





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