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EasyCHART™ Portable Whiteboard
Size :  W - 600mm x H - 800mm/sheet
Packing :  24 sheets / roll in case

EasyCHART™ has the basic functions of an ordinary whiteboard. EasyCHART™ protable whiteboard offers a new innovation that innovatively changes posting methods. It makes everrything easy...Glue ! Nails ! & Stands Out ! As you can write on EasyCHART™ repeatedly instead of traditional whiteboard. Also, it can be used as a projection screen. At the same time, it is most innovative feature posting on any surfaces. Brings us unprcedented convenience for everyday applications.

The incredible features of EasyCHART™ :
(i) Portable Whiteboard
(ii) Flipchart
(iii) Metaplan
(iv) Pinboard
(v) Projection screen

          Play EasyCHART Demo Video  - 3min50s
         The special features of EasyCHART™ :
         (1) It can stick on all smooth surfaces without glue or any adhesive.
         (2) You don’t need any stands or fixed wall for presentation.
         (3) You can easily roll up the feather-light sheets and pack into your bag.
         (4) It can be peeled off & reattached wherever you like and without leaving
              a trace of adhesive.
         (5) Any kinds of flat paper can be attached on EasyCHART.



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